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Hi I’m Tom and welcome to thrillofthecase

I think it’s a fair question to ask — why do you know so much about suitcases?

As a professional in the travel industry I travel — and am around travellers — daily. I see what works and what doesn’t.

Suitcases are an essential tool-of-the-trade — I spend half my life living out of one!

While I continue to glean a huge amount of knowledge from my colleagues and my experience — which brands to avoid, who is going downhill, what new smart tech fad isn’t quite as advertised — my original suitcase related knowledge goes way back to long before I travelled for a living.

How the obsession with suitcases began…

Ok, i’ll come clean. Once upon a time I used to work in a travel shop. Not just any travel shop, an airport travel shop!

Those overpriced airport suitcase purchases, the last-minute upgrade as duty free no longer fits, the big debate — to wrap or not to wrap (don’t) — I’ve seen, supervised, and sold it all!

So, yes — suitcases are a slightly odd passion — but everyone has to have a hobby right?

The long and short of it is, you are in safe hands. Having advised countless friends and family — and been the butt of many suitcase related jokes — I started thrillofthecase to share the knowledge acquired through many years.

travelmate smart luggage that follows you spinning in circles

Smart luggage — How the passion progressed

As I’ve moved onwards and upwards in the travel industry, I now frequently travel with my work laptop and personal tablet. In this time my passion for suitcases has shifted towards smart technology — and arriving at my destination with all of my devices safe, secure and charged — has become a priority.

As a result you will probably notice, thrillofthecase has a focus on smart luggage and smart accessories. It’s an exciting part of the travel industry, and there is always another new development or upgrade waiting.

Here I look at the latest smart tech to help you travel, products I use personally, and upcoming new smart luggage.

This site will not only provide you with frequently updated best buys, but it will also keep it short and snappy. No 5000 word 37 best medium-sized suitcases for travellers that like grey articles here!

We do use affiliate links, but we will never share products we haven’t had first-hand experience with.

Finally — if you have made it this far through my life story — thanks for reading!