Buyers Guide

We’ve handpicked and reviewed the best smart luggage currently on the market — alongside a selection of the latest smart accessories to give your travel the edge.

If you’re unsure where to start, check out our buying guides below.

The Basics

Before being dazzled by the tech on offer — it’s worth remembering that smart luggage needs to fulfil the basics first. Does it have enough room for all your stuff, and will it get you there in one piece?

Wheels or spinner?

The age-old debate. This one is largely personal preference — but if you need inspiration check our guide to suitcase wheels.

Hard case or soft case?

Frequently bringing back gifts or duty free — Is the security of a hard case worth the extra weight?
Or, make extra use of that 20 kg baggage allowance with a lightweight soft covered case.
An additional determiner of hard or soft case is how frequently you plan on checking in your case. Hand luggage only? — A flexible and expandable soft-covered case can offer benefits.

Business travel or holiday fun?

Colour is great. Gone are the days of blue, brown, or black!

Equally, you might want to take a tip from the airline crew and keep it muted if you use your case for business travel.

Weekend get-aways or 10 day epics?

Size matters.

  • If you’re a 48 hour whistle-stop-tour kinda traveller, you won’t want to be hanging around at the baggage carousel. Check the size guide to make sure your bag is hand baggage compliant.
  • If you’re a once-a-year 10 day epic — fill your boots and get an oversized case that fits diva-like levels of costume changes!

One-size fits all or multiple bags?

We get it. Not all of us have the same level of affection for suitcases.

If you want a one-stop bag, think about expandable cases or cases that are suitable for adding a case topper bag. Sleek enough for hand baggage only, but providing expandable storage options for those longer checked-bag trips.

Workaholic or Zen-time?

  • a). The airport is terrible, I need a coffee and speedy access to my laptop. Make sure you get easy access pockets — the rest of Starbucks doesn’t need to see the entirety of your wardrobe as you rummage around for your mac.
  • b). I check in my suitcase and browse duty free. I could spend hours just people watching. Ditch the pockets, you didn’t need them anyway.

The Smart Bit

The term “smart luggage” spans a wealth of different features. Here are a few features to consider before diving into your next smart luggage purchase.

Inbuilt power or bring your own?

Smart cases often fall into two categories — those with removable battery packs integral to the design, or those with all the cabling and spacing to place your own battery pack.

There are pros and cons to both, its often neater and more space-saving to have an inbuilt battery pack, the latter enables you to customise the size and weight of your power pack — and more easily replace it.

Smart luggage with an app?

With luggage becoming smarter, the list of features has grown. Unfortunately, that’s also increased the number of different things to remember and check. Log into the third-party website to update your smart luggage tag, switch to the next app to check the GPS location, remember to bring your weighing strap — I thought this was meant to simplify things?!

To combat this, some of the smartest new luggage manufacturers have begun to incorporate apps with their smart bags. Check the weight, location, unlock and even visualise the levels of charge of your smart suitcase all in one place. If you love more advanced features, it’s well worth considering a brand with an inbuilt app.

How smart does your luggage need to be? — accessories

Smart cases don’t just have battery power packs. There are a wealth of features including:

  • GPS tracking and baggage carousel alerts
  • Digital locks with fingerprint / face / mobile app unlocking
  • Proximity theft alarms
  • Inbuilt scales for self-weighing
  • Digital baggage tags with remote check-in
    While some smart bags contain all these features and more — they can seem a large initial investment, especially if you are unsure exactly what features you’ll use.

Other manufacturers have opted for a modular approach, instead providing bags with cabling and dedicated pockets for batteries and luggage tags. This allows you to buy the additional features as smart accessories, offering a lower upfront cost and more customisation.

Fully smart — motorised suitcases

If you’re going to embrace the future, why not REALLY embrace it? Lugging your suitcase is very 1999, It’s the 21st century now!

For the smart luggage aficionado, there are a range of motorised suitcases coming onto the market with a variety of tech to ensure your luggage faithfully follows you around the airport. This tech ranges from bluetooth and smartband remotes to fully-fledged AI tracking your every movement.

Closer to robots than traditional suitcases, these motorised suitcases can even serve as transport — being rideable in some cases. There is a trade off in both weight and price — but if you’re not dragging it around, does it matter how much it weighs?!