Packing hair straighteners and curlers

There is an endless chop and change to what you can or can’t take in your hand luggage — it’s no wonder that people get confused!

Hair straighteners are arguably more confusing than most though — often lumped in with hair curlers — you can take some types onboard but not others.

Here are the ins and outs to help you look fabulous on your holidays!

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Can you take hair straighteners in hand luggage?


You can pack electronic hair straighteners in your hand luggage. (so in the 21st century that’s virtually all of them then!)

Hair dryers are also covered under this rule — you can take hair dryers in hand luggage too!

Can you take hair straighteners in hold luggage?

Yep. As a general rule of thumb — this works for virtually everything except matches! — hand luggage is the more restrictive requirement.

Therefore, if you are allowed to pack it as hand luggage, you can take it in your suitcase.

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What’s the deal with packing hair curlers?

Hair curlers regulations are seperated from hair straighteners — because they commonly are in two types, gas and electric.

You can bring both types of hair curlers in hand luggage and in checked luggage

The only confusion that arises is in additional gas canisters.

You cannot take additional hair curler gas canisters — in either hand luggage OR checked luggage.

You don’t have to buy a gas canister abroad — you can bring hair curlers with one gas canister fitted inside. As long as the safety catch on the canister is on.

Just make sure that the canister you are using has all the gas you need for your holiday as you can’t bring a spare!

Hair curler summary

  • Electric hair curlers — allowed in hand luggage
  • Electric hair curlers — allowed in checked luggage
  • Gas hair curlers — allowed in hand luggage with safety on
  • Gas hair curlers — allowed in checked luggage with safety on
  • Spare gas canisters in hand luggage are not allowed
  • Spare gas canisters in checked luggage are not allowed

Where are the rules about hair straighteners and curlers found?

The best option for rules usually starts with the government website — then if you want to double-check go to your individual airline.

However, airlines rarely place more restrictive rules than the government allowed regulations — they are businesses and don’t want to restrict their customers!

For the UK the best place to continue to check for updates is GOV.UK

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