Packing the kitchen sink

For the non-english speaking amongst us, who may be unfamiliar with this phrase:

Packing everything but the kitchen sink!

Packing everything but the kitchen sink is a common idiom, referring to bringing far too many things — whether needed or not.

packing a large pile of clothes “everything but the kitchen sink”

For anyone who’s attempted to pack for a beach holiday, it’s a familiar feeling. Do you really need 10 swimsuits for a 7-day trip?

Despite the fact that smart luggage solves many problems, packing the kitchen sink didn’t feature on the top features list — until now!

In quite possibly the most ridiculous, and very flamboyantly Italian way, high-end designer FPM Milano have made a packed kitchen luggage set. Yes, you read that correctly. A genuine kitchen-packed-in-luggage combination.

packing the kitchen sink FPM milano luggage open

As part of their special edition collection, the high-end brand have partnered up with renowned designer Marc Sadler.

This has enabled them to turn from making aluminium suitcases for several hundred dollars, into making aluminium suitcases packed with things you don’t need for several thousand dollars. Genius.

It’s arguably even more ridiculous than the last Italian contribution to airline proof luggage — pre-damaged luggage by Crash Baggage. Nevertheless, here’s a brief overview of the genuine kitchen in check-in luggage combo.

Kitchen sink luggage features

The Cookstation is a genuine portable kitchen in a “suitcase”. Part suitcase, part kitchen, this is a functional solution where nothing is taken for granted so that it meets the modern nomad’s every need, where private life and work intersect in the spaces and situations of a different future.

The Cookstation — FPM Milano

What’s in the luggage?

  • A foldout table
  • Pan storage
  • Drawers
  • A mini fridge
  • Electric hob
  • More storage
packing the kitchen sink luggage sketch FPM milano

I know what you’re thinking. No kitchen sink? The idiom is, packing everything but the kitchen sink, remember.

packing the kitchen sink FPM milano cookstation luggage

How much does packing the kitchen sink cost?

€10 900,00

Eleven thousand euros.

Here’s a quote from LonelyPlanet’s review:

Obviously, such innovation and convenience doesn’t come cheap

LonelyPlanet — Cookstation


Looking at the average overweight bag fee — roughly $100 — it’s probably cheaper to pack the actual kitchen sink and take the overweight charge than it is buy this luggage.

That’s brilliant, I’ve always wanted a kitchen packed in luggage, have they got any other special editions?

You’re in luck.

Marc Sadler hasn’t just teamed up with FPM Milano to simply create a packed kitchen luggage set, they’ve also got three other special editions:

Here’s them on display in a garden at the Milan design week.

01. The bedstation (aka a sleeping bag in luggage) €6,900

Perfectly combines the freedom to express one’s lifestyle with the structural excellence of a “mobile architecture”

FPM Milano

02. The workstation (a deck chair in luggage) €5,900

I travel, I think, I work. An ergonomic model that reflects the new nomadism.

03. The Pilates station (a Pilates bed / mini gym in luggage) €10,900

Arguably the least ridiculous of the special editions, the Pilates station also weighs a rather hefty 21 kg, so you’ll get a workout just by lugging it around.


So there you have it. If you quite literally want to pack everything but the kitchen sink, all you need is €34,600. Courtesy of FPM and Marc Sadler you can pack everything in your house — including pilates set and deck chair — minus the kitchen sink.

Not quite sure how many special edition suitcases Fabbrica Pelleterie Milano would be selling, the brand have chosen to only make them to order.

A wise move.