5 Covid travel gadgets for your next flight

If there is one thing we have learned since coronavirus swept across the world throughout 2020, it is that global travel is unlikely to be the same again.

Hoteliers and airlines are scrambling to gear up for a resumption in Covid-19 travel later on in 2021, with additional coronavirus cleaning schedules, vaccinated airline crew and mandatory facemarks.

But is there anything you can do or bring to minimise your risk to Covid-19 whilst travelling? Here we will look at 5 Covid travel gadgets to help you keep safe throughout your entire journey. From the low tech — accessories like comfortable face masks — to cutting edge Covid travel gadgets like UV sanitisers.

travel accessories to help you fight coronavirus

Before you travel: Comfortable face masks

Paper masks have become synonymous with the pandemic era. While these cheap disposable masks are great for short durations like popping into the shops or taking a bus, take a moment to appreciate just how long most airport days are.

Masks are mandatory for the entirety of the Covid-19 travel experience, in all areas of the airport and throughout the flight. While you can briefly remove your mask for eating and drinking, even this is being cracked down upon with airlines continuing to enforce a zero-tolerance policy.

For this reason alone, even if you have been continuing to make do with disposable paper masks, it is well worth investing in something a bit more comfortable.

Marca Disati DeFogger

Lightweight and with comfortable fabric, this mask also has an adjustable fastening on the soft straps — making it perfect for wearing for long durations.

It has an inbuilt 7-layer filtration system to keep you safe in crowded areas like airports, and is machine washable up to 60 times.

  • Anti-Microbial treated fabric 
  • Reusable
  • Advanced filtration

Getting to the airport: Travel-sized hand sanitiser

In a high-contact environment like an airport, it’s recommended to sanitise your hands frequently. Despite airlines best efforts, from check-in, security, and all the way to the gate, making your way through an airport involves handling passports, luggage trolleys, boarding passes and more.

While hand sanitiser is now in shops everywhere, the cost can add up, and smaller travel-sized bottles — especially those sold at Airports — are extortionate!

A small, travel-friendly refillable bottle will keep you topped up, fit within all liquid rules applied by some countries, and cut down on cost massively. You can even refill them up for free at the some airport and hotel sanitiser stations.

Roam — by anti

Stylish, slimline and reusable, this is the perfect travel companion for storing hand sanitiser,

Made out of aluminium and ABS, the refillable containers have anti-leak, durable twist lock system. 30 ml bottles will provide 130 pumps of sanitiser.

  • High-quality design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Huge cost saving vs travel sized products

At the airport: Power banks

How do you disinfect an electrical socket?

Pre-coronavirus, some airports were embracing the range of smart travel accessories we all now travel with, and providing more communal charging stations. In 2019, it was common to see scenes of people squashed around the one bank of USB charging seats at busy airports!

In a post coronavirus travel world, if you travel with technology, having your own power bank to avoid the crowds is a must-have. We’ve got an entire article dedicated to the best power banks for travel. As an alternative, smart luggage contains inbuilt power banks to charge your devices among a whole host of other features.

AUKEY Wireless Power Bank

This high-quality power bank from Aukey includes wireless charging, so you can top up your AirPods or smartphone quickly in the airport by placing them directly on the power bank — no messing around with cables.

It’s hugely capable, supporting quick-charging across a massive number of devices, and is powerful enough at 18W to boost most laptops for several hours too.

AUKEYs power bank doubles as a smartphone stand too!

  • 20,000 mAh capacity
  • Huge range of quick-charging approved devices
  • Wireless charging for smartphones and Airpods
  • Inbuilt stand for watching movies inflight

On the plane: Seat sitters cover

Airlines have promised to offer a variety of Covid-19 friendly improvements including enhanced cleaning schedules, but cleaning is likely to vary significantly from day to day and airline to airline.

Pre-pandemic, most people were happy with airlines simply changing a slither of paper at the top of the seat after each flight. Lots of people will undoubtedly feel more conscious of plane hygiene, and as a result numerous companies have come up with protective covers.

Seat sitters offer a reusable aircraft cover that actually hit the press pre-coronavirus in 2018 with worries over E-Coli and MRSA. Since then, seat covers have increased exponentially in popularity.

Disposable airline seat covers

These lightweight covers fit virtually every airline seat, providing a waterproof and hygienic barrier between you and the commercial aircraft.

Coming as a pack of 5, these disposable fabric covers are great for piece of mind for anxious travellers!

  • Small and lightweight for packing
  • Fits airline and coach seats
  • Non-sticky fabric

At the hotel: UV disinfection box

Probably the best multipurpose Covid travel gadget on the list, UV disinfection boxes are a prime example of technology helping us overcome adversity.

Airline compliant, lightweight and universally powered via USB cables, these UV sanitiser boxes are the perfect travel companion. Hand sanitisers can only do so much, and your gadgets are unlikely to thank you for smothering them in disinfectant!

While smartphones were UV boxes original target, they are the perfect companion for your hotel room to ensure viruses aren’t lurking on the items you’ve used throughout the day.

  • Sunglasses / glasses
  • Wallets
  • Foreign currency
  • Smartphones

Newild Smart Sterilizer 1 Pro

Small and under 400 grams — perfect for travel — this UV steriliser has enough space to disinfect sunglasses and small wallets too.

Great for hotel rooms, it is powered by a USB cord and only takes 5 minutes to cleanse your items.

  • Eliminates up to 99% of germs and bacteria 
  • Sanitise wallets, masks and more whilst abroad
  • Cut down on sanitising wipes


While no Covid travel accessory or gadget can keep you 100% safe, following government guidance alongside arming yourself with the variety of tools available makes you significantly less vulnerable.

With restrictions easing and travel bans expected to be reduced during the second half of 2021, it looks like international travel is back on the menu.

Whatever steps you take, ensure you’re as safe as you can be throughout your journey.