Tile pro luggage tracker

The best smart luggage tracker on the market — bar none — this is the Tile Pro 2020 (available on Amazon Prime)

If you are after a luggage tracker for your smart luggage, you will be looking at two options, GPS trackers or Bluetooth trackers.

For people that don’t require quite the same level of real-time tracking — and don’t want the hassle of an ongoing contract — Bluetooth tags are a great option. Out of all the Bluetooth luggage trackers on the market, the Tile Pro is our top recommendation.

Using the Tile Pro as a luggage tracker is such a good bet, Tile even wrote a little known blog post on it 6 years ago!

This article will cover how we came to this conclusion, and give you a detailed overview of the Tile Pro 2020’s specifications and why it is perfectly suited as a luggage tracker.

Features that make the Tile Pro 2020 perfect as a luggage tracker

Tech Specs (Tile Pro 2020)

Size42 mm x 42 mm x 6.5 mm
Weight45 grams
Range400 ft / 122 m
Battery typeCR2032
Battery life1 year (replaceable)
Bluetooth typeLow energy V5
Compatibility listWill my device work with the Tile Pro tracker?
Tile Pro 2020


As we highlight in our Bluetooth tracker guide, the key feature you need to look out for when you are using Bluetooth tiles to track your luggage is the ability to crowd locate your device. This essentially means that if your luggage is left in an airport on the other side of the world to you — out of Bluetooth range — you can still track it!

This is a key feature of the Tile Pro, and is available for free without signing up to their additional subscription services.

Long range (400 ft)

If your Tile is out of Bluetooth range, you can check its last known location on the app. This information is automatically updated whenever anyone in the Tile community comes within Bluetooth range of your Tile.

Tile FAQ’s

The Tile Pro has a staggering range for a Bluetooth device, 400 ft. This is only made possible through Bluetooth 5 technology and a larger more powerful device than smaller dot and slimline trackers.

While this has obvious benefits for using the tracker to look after your keys and other items around the home — you’ll never lose your suitcase in the loft again — it means this tile tracker is especially suited as a luggage tracker.

Airports, train stations and transport hubs are pretty massive places. Lost baggage stores are frequently tucked away out of the main thoroughfares, and for other users to detect your luggage and help locate it for you, they need to pass within Bluetooth range. As you can imagine, while micro trackers are great for attaching to small devices around the home, but some have significantly less than 100 ft of range.

With real life range values often reduced by walls and surrounding items, this will severely limit the chance of anyone passing close enough to your suitcase to locate it for you. This 400 ft range is exceptionally useful for using the Tile Pro luggage tracker.

Aeroplane safe

Despite being the most powerful model in the Tile range the batteries used in the Tile Pro 2020 are small enough to be completely safe to take onboard an aircraft.

All Tiles have non-rechargeable lithium batteries, similar to those used in wristwatches or key fobs. You can pack them in both check-in and carry-on luggage. They are not restricted by aviation or transportation authorities.

Tile FAQs

This means that they are an ideal companion for adding smart features to your luggage — Samsonite include Tile trackers with their Prodigy luggage range as standard — and means that your luggage won’t suffer the same fate as some banned smart luggage manufacturers with large fixed batteries.

The Tile Pro’s features can be used with airplane mode active — as Bluetooth is a very low powered connection. With the 400 ft range, this also means that the Tile Pro 2020 is powerful enough to connect to your smartphone from your checked suitcase through the airplane floor. So, you can check your bag has been loaded on each flight and get an early heads up if your bag has missed your connection.

Benefits of the Tile pro luggage tracker in comparison to rivals

Exceptionally popular brand

One of the key features for crowd locating is having enough users to find any lost items. It’s no use having a great Bluetooth tracker and trying to use it as a smart luggage tracker if there are limited users.

The Tile Pro uses the same database of users as the entire Tile tracker range — if you have a Tile Slim, you can still help find a Tile Pro. And the brand is the most popular tracker brand on the market. For that reason, the pool of users to help find your luggage if it becomes lost is massive.

The world’s largest lost-and-found network


Tile has over 6 million users in 195 countries — there isn’t many places in the world your luggage can hide!

Replaceable batteries

One of the main negatives for previous generations of Tile trackers, is that the batteries were not replaceable. If these trackers ran out of battery you had to replace them.

This added waste was both bad for the environment, and the cost bad for users pockets. The Tile Pro tracker uses a common CR2032 battery, available cheaply, allowing you to get years of use out of your purchase.

Equally, unlike cheaper brands the entire Tile tracker range guarantees their battery life. If you don’t get the advertised 1 year for the Tile Pro 2020, Tile will replace your battery free of charge.

If your Tile’s battery dies before a year has passed from your purchase date (or 3 years with Sticker and Slim 2020), we’ll replace it free of charge! It’s covered by our worry-free warranty.

Tile — Battery Life

Can replicate smart luggage proximity detection feature

Yet another reason for using the Tile Pro as a luggage tracker — proximity detection. This is something that high-end smart luggage brands, such as Plevo feature in their cases, and gives you the ability to relax in a busy airport.

Proximity detection means that if somebody walks off with your luggage — which can happen in the blink of an eye in busy places like airports and train stations — you will immediately be notified by an alarm.

It also means that you don’t have to push your way to the front of the queue at the baggage carousel. Simply turn on your Smart Alerts and when the bag arrives within the 400 ft range, your smartphone will alert you to go and collect it.

Alongside a 3-year warranty, additional features and free battery replacements, the Tile Premium subscription enables something called Smart Alerts. This gives you the option to use proximity detection replicating the features of expensive high-end smart luggage brands at a fraction of the cost.

Summary — Why the Tile pro luggage tracker is our favourite

Tile Pro 2020

Not only a great Bluetooth tracker in general, for use as a luggage tracker — the Tile Pro 2020 is hard to beat.

  • Amazon prime ready
  • Class leading range
  • Free crowd-locating for lost luggage
  • Proximity detection add-on
  • Great 1 year battery life

As we discussed in our ultimate guide to Bluetooth smart tracker tiles, not all Bluetooth trackers are made equal! Most trackers are great for lost keys, and finding items around the house but many are simply not up to the job of being used as a luggage tracking device.

The Tile Pro is a luggage tracker. It’s perfectly at home in this situation with a myriad of features that make it ideal for this use. The slightly larger form and heavier weight of the Tile Pro in comparison to smart dots and smaller trackers matters little here, as it can be safely stowed inside a suitcase pocket.

The Tile Pro is safe to use on a plane, has a fantastic battery life of a year, and cheap replaceable batteries, so it doesn’t need to be replaced each year. The long range and louder noise means it’s great for use at airports. Finally, the Tile Pro has our essential function to be used as a bluetooth luggage tracker — crowdsourced locating.

Undoubtedly, if you need to use a Tile tracker for luggage, this is the Bluetooth device you should buy.

If you need realtime location tracking, take a look at our GPS tracker guide instead.