Aluminium smart luggage — Away Travel

There’s something seriously cool about aluminium luggage.

aluminium smart luggage carry on size by away
Away Travel carry-on aluminium

Sleek, stylish and long-lasting aluminium cases are an investment — and feature on our airline proof luggage list!

Smart luggage has rarely been made from aluminium, though. It was attempted in a Kickstarter by Novi — which ended disastrously with a patent infringement.

Fortunately, instagram friendly and smart luggage experts Away Travel have made an aluminium smart luggage case that is everything you could ask for. The Aluminium Edition Carry On.

This guide looks at the key features, and why it’s the best aluminium smart luggage you can buy right now. Their aluminium luggage also got a makeover for 2021, with Away Travel pairing with audiophile brand Master & Dynamic to produce a limited edition set of headphones and luggage — including their aluminium smart luggage.

Quick look — Aluminium Edition Carry on features

away aluminium smart luggage in aluminium colour
ConstructionLightweight aluminium
StyleCarry-on compliant, 4-wheeled spinner
LocksZipper-less TSA approved catches
Weight4.8 kg
Size54.5 cm x 34.5 cm x 22.8 cm
BatteryRechargeable 10,000 mAh battery
Away the carry-on aluminium

3 reasons this aluminium smart luggage is the pick of the bunch

  1. Unlike many aluminium cases — this is truly carry-on friendly!
  2. Significantly more durable than Away’s normal carry-on range
  3. Virtually the only aluminium smart luggage around, offering an easy to remove battery
opening aluminium zipperless smart luggage with TSA locks


For some reason aluminium cases seem to be slightly larger than their cheaper ABS or polycarbonate counterparts.

It can be difficult to find an aluminium carry on that fits the majority of hand baggage requirements.

Away Travel state that the carry-on sized aluminium smart luggage:

Meets the airline requirements for most major airlines as carry-on luggage

Away Travel

If you’ve seen as much luggage as I have you’ll know that’s a pretty often used phrase, and it basically means it fits at least two carriers!

We compared the sizing to 21 different airline hand baggage requirements and the Away carry on fits on 85% — including most low-cost carriers.

Crucially, the 34.5 cm width means that you will have no trouble storing this aluminium luggage in the overhead lockers of the two most popular short haul aircraft — the Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 series.


Aluminium cases are more expensive than their polycarbonate and ABS plastic counterparts. However, you will never need to buy another case again, so as an investment they can definitely be worth the cost.

There are two things that break most frequently on suitcases. Zips and wheels.

Here you can be assured that the first is definitely not a problem. Away have made this aluminium smart luggage without any zips at all. It’s a clever system using two clasps, and it only works because there isn’t any flex in the case like a flexible plastic-based suitcase.

Equally, the Japanese made Hinomoto spinner wheels are tough — and some of the quietest luggage wheels around. They won’t let you down either.

aluminium smart luggage by away travel one damaged one new

One word of warning though if you haven’t owned an aluminium suitcase before.

Aluminium cases will get scratched and dented, in a way that fabric or plastic luggage doesn’t. So be prepared.

But remember, if anything it adds to their character. This is a piece of luggage that tells a story.

Scratches and knocks are a part of life — any suitcase you buy will eventually suffer at the hands of baggage handlers and airport luggage systems.

Aluminium smart luggage cases have a key difference, though. These knocks and scratches are only superficial. They will dent more easily than their plastic-based counterparts, but zip won’t break, the frame won’t snap, this case will last.

Device charging

While smart luggage has previously had a difficult time with removable batteries and legislation — Away Travel have this sorted.

One of the earliest smart luggage brands on the market — Away Travel launched in 2015 — they have kept up with all modern rules and regulations and their rechargeable device is arguably one of the best. It’s no frills, easy to use and remove, and most importantly, compliant.

away travel aluminium smart luggage charger and cable

Hidden underneath the handle, simply pop up the top, and you’ll see the 10,000 mAh battery and the two USB ports.

The battery is ejectable with one button press — without having to open your bag up — so very convenient if you need to check in your bag at the last minute.

Away reckon you’ll get 4 charges of a smartphone, but that’s a conservative estimate in my experience. Most phones you’ll get 5 full charges, or 2–3 complete tablet or laptop charges depending on the model. Replacements are available, and the battery has a light-up charge level indicator.

All Away Travel’s products are instagram-friendly — but the aluminium cases really turn heads!

4 sleek colours

  1. Master & Dynamics special edition
  2. Onyx black
  3. Rose gold
  4. Aluminium

Summary — This is the best aluminium smart luggage you can buy

When you buy an aluminium smart luggage case you’ll know that your tech is safe — no zip failures, cracked cases or torn sides here — and the Away Travel carry-on in aluminium ticks all the boxes for us.

It’s significantly cheaper high-end rivals such Rimowa, and virtually the only aluminium luggage with an easy access rechargeable battery pack.

There are a couple of subtle differences in the aluminium smart luggage version, from Aways ever popular Carry-on bag:

aluminium smart luggage interior open
  • A different internal mesh divider with hooks not zips (that I prefer)
  • More sturdy telescopic handle
  • Leather lined carry handles

Equally, with the aluminium case you get no zippers and instead two sturdy TSA approved catches and a rubber seal around the two aluminium clamshells to keep them sealed. It’s not advertised, but it virtually means the bag is waterproof, as the traditional weak point of a leaky zip is removed.

The case is heavier than the standard carry-on version by 1.4 kg — at 4.8 kg vs 3.4 kg. However, the durability from the aluminium case is arguably worth it and weighing under 5 kg total weight means that there is still plenty of room in most airlines weight allowances. It feels quality rather than heavy.

Overall, this is arguably the best aluminium smart luggage available to buy today. A reliable brand, hassle-free device charging, and an aluminium suitcase that will turn heads and last a lifetime.

away aluminium smart luggage limited edition master and dynamics

Equally, and fresh for 2021’s adventures, the Master & Dynamic limited edition looks really slick, and will certainly turn heads.