Andiamo Luggage — Reviewed

Originally founded in 1970 before fading into obscurity, the Andiamo was relaunched in 2018.

We live in a world of constant reinvention and with the rise of social media and sharing so much of our lives with others, the reinvention of self has become more prevalent than ever before

Andiamo CEO — Yi Zhang
Andiamo Luggage Logo

The brand launched with a stylish carry-on known simply as the Andiamo Classic Carry-On with an expanded range under development.

This Andiamo luggage review will look at the Classic Carry-on, the top features of this smart luggage, and what separates Andiamo’s debut suitcase from the wealth of luggage upstarts out there.

Andiamo’s debut suitcase — Quick stats

3 key features

Andiamo’s suitcase is a stylish mix of old and new. The aim from the brand was to compete with newer smart luggage brands — offering features like inbuilt USB charging — but without deviating from what made them popular back in the 1970s. Solid, well-made luggage.

A modern carry-on collection that effortlessly combines stylish form with timeless function.

Andiamo — Yi Zhang

The first thing you notice about these cases — they are stylish!

While most smart luggage brands are relatively instagram-friendly, Andiamo is off the charts.

andiamo classic carry on suitcase
Credit — Andiamo Luggage

Currently available in 3 colours — Red Ruby, Royal Sapphire and Black Onyx — all the cases are in a signature old school style. They look like a piece of suitcase history, akin to trunk luggage from the early days of travel.

andiamo luggage onyx black suitcase open interior RFID pockets

This has a modern twist, with a 70/30 split in the case (rather than the traditional 50/50) ensuring you have a proper bottom and top half of the case.

In addition, the 70% split means you can fit bulkier items or boots side by side at the bottom of the case which is a bonus.

This first version of suitcases from the new-look Andiamo luggage is relatively minimal on smart features, however it does get two of the basics ticked off.

andiamo suitcase usb smart charging

In a similar fashion to the Samsonite Prodigy, Andiamo have chosen to provide an inbuilt power bank case, alongside USB cabling and an easy access socket by the handle.

They haven’t chosen to provide the power bank with the case, to give customers choice.

As we detailed in our article on bringing a power bank on a plane, there are a wealth of options on the market. On one hand it is disappointing that a high-end smart case like this doesn’t come with a battery. Equally, with power bank technology continually improving — and this suitcase designed to last — it’s nice not being tied into the manufacturer’s powerbank choice.

In addition to the charging, interior pockets — located on the smaller top side of the case — have a range of zipped and velcro pockets for storing gadgets, toiletries and smaller items. Here you’ll also find an RFID blocking pocket. While looking at the RFID protection in passports — not really needed! — RFID protection in general is something we’ve identified as a real bonus for keeping your digital personal information and card details safe.

Just looking at the case you can get a feel for the quality:

  • This is backed up with its 100% polycarbonate construction and aluminium interior frame.
  • Unlike cheaper cases which usually use ABS plastic, polycarbonate is stiffer and of a higher quality.
  • The four twin-spinner wheels feel tough and the case rolls exceptionally smoothly with little noise.

Despite the extra durability from the corner patches, bumper bars on the bottom of the case and high-quality locks Andiamo’s suitcase is a surprisingly light. At 4.7 kg it is roughly the middle of the pack of most of the smart luggage we have reviewed.

All of this means that Andiamo can stick with what they were previously known for — a fantastic warranty and money-back guarantees.

andiamo suitcase packing

This case comes with a ten-year warranty — also including the spinner wheels — with Andiamo repairing anything that material affects the use of the case. If it can’t be repaired it will be replaced entirely. This is arguably one of the best warranties in any of the smart luggage brands we have looked at, double Samsonite’s Prodigy and Horizn Studios M5’s 5-year warranties.

Another nice touch is the money-back guarantee. Offered for 100 days, you can buy an Andiamo suitcase, test it out, and if you don’t get on with it simply return it — no questions asked!

Andiamo Classic Summary

The beauty of the old-school style and simplicity means that Andiamo’s debut suitcase has missed the trend of trying to maximise dimensions to airlines hand luggage sizes. As a result, it’s one of the most carry-on friendly suitcases around. The Classic Carry-On comfortably fits virtually all major carriers even on smaller short haul aircraft and the ever-shrinking overhead bins!

While Andiamo’s suitcase is certainly not packed with as many smart features as alternatives like Plevo and OVIS, it strikes a nice balance between simplicity and being tech-friendly. Unlike traditional suitcases it supports USB charging, has an RFID pocket for your wallet and cards, and there are multiple dividers for tablets and gadgets inside the case.

The Andiamo Classic Carry-On is a real head turner, with a combination of durability, practicality and looks that is difficult to match. It’s an exciting start for the reinvented luggage veteran, and we look forward to their future smart luggage ranges.